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Nepcal  by  Krishna Prasad ShresthaOffice / Editors / Agenda category

 1 comments(s)

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Nepali Calendar (nepcal) is a simple application to display Bikram Samabat calendar system. Bikram Sambat is a calendar system followed in Nepal just like AD in USA, Europe and many other countries. Nepal Sambat has been declared as official Nepali Calendar system while Bikram Sambat is still in actual use.

Nepcal for Nokia N900 / Maemo 5

  • Nepali month view,
  • Easy navigation between months and years straight from main view using Previous Month, Next Month, Previous Year, Next year,
  • Displayed Month, Year as well as current date are displayed right in the main view,
  • Goto month corresponding to today,
  • Option to choose if only days of current month is to be displayed or days of current as well as neighboring months are to be displayed,
  • Option to show or hide English date,
  • Option to goto certain English or Nepali date,
  • Option to convert Nepali date to English and vice versa,
  • Option to choose Nepali Interface (Restarting program required for complete language switch),
  • Persistant storage of preferences (unlike in previous versions),
  • Experimental portrait view: if program loads at forced rotation on in cssu then it will fit portrait mode else it will fit in landscape but in either case it won't look nice in other mode.

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  User comments for  Nepcal

NameComment and rating
on 2011-05-20 21:41 CET
cool app thnks dai!...:) [No rate]

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