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DropN900  by  Jonne NauhaInternet / Networking category

 My-Maemo user rating: 70% (7 votes) (7 votes), 4 comments(s)

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Python based DropBox client for the Nokia N900. Dropbox is the easiest way to store, sync, and, share files online.

Present features:
  • Login with your DropBox email and password, one time authentication.
  • An oauth access token is used on later sessions. You can remove auth when you like and re-login with same or another DropBox account.
  • Full DropBox access. Read/write to everything in your dropbox account.
  • Create new folder, rename file/folder, upload file, download file, remove file/folder.
  • Image file thumbnail preview, loading animations and showing results for actions.
  • Threaded networking (non-bloking) so you'll have a smooth user experience while network I/O is happening.

DropN900 for Nokia N900 / Maemo 5

Future plans:
  • Hold on items to get context menu, could possibly get rid of the big buttons.
  • Public links. This will come when DropBox adds this to their API.
  • Presently there is no clean way getting public links via the API.
  • Better handling of network failures ie. you drop from network while browsing DropBox content.
  • Making UI look nicer.

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70% (7 votes) (7 votes)
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  User comments for  DropN900

NameComment and rating
  Sacha Obado
from Somewhere on Earth
on 2010-11-01 09:13 CET
Dropbox is amazing i actually need to lug around a flashdisk or portable hard drive. I use this with my N900 and my PC which is at work and now that am travelling i have access to all my files and i can even upload new ones and when i go on my pc they will be there as well as online. [Rate: 10/10]
on 2010-10-27 17:31 CET
Very nice software, but after upgrade to PR.1.3 it is not working anymore. The version I used was 0.1.5-3 [Rate: 8/10]
on 2010-07-23 19:14 CET
very nice! didnt even know about dropbox. could be very usefull. works quick, simple and syncs instantaniously when creating folders or adding docs as you can watch it happen between your n900 and your pc. [Rate: 8/10]
  Lars Gunther
on 2010-07-22 10:57 CET
Dropbox and Evernote are the 2 things I want to have FULL support for on my n900. Now we are on our way to get Dropbox. Great news indeed! Suggestions for the future: Could this be made into a service that transparently syncs in the background - perhaps (depending on user choice) when on Wifi only? [Rate: 9/10]

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