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How to reset selected passwords stored in the built-in Web browser?

When you enter login details on sites visited using the built-in MicroB web browser, it gives you the option to remember them and fill the login fields automatically the next time you visit that site. If you'd like to delete them later, MicroB gives you the option to do it, but only to clear all stored passwords at once.

And what if you'd like to clear only one or some of the stored passwords and not all of them? There is no "official" option for that, but MicroB has a "hidden" password manager that not only lets you remove selected entries but also see the passwords in case you forgot them.

To launch the Password Manager, open the built-in web browser and type the following text in its address bar:


After a few seconds you will see the following screen:

presenting full list of all stored login data. Using buttons below the list you can delete selected or all entries. Pressing the "Show passwords" button will display all saved passwords next to the corresponding user names.

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