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How to increase the speed of USB charging?

Charging via USB is usually considerably slower than using the wall charger. That's mainly because the current supplied via USB ports of a computer is much smaller than in case of a wall charger - up to max 500 mAh, and often even lower if there are other devices connected to the same USB hub. Additionally, in the "charging only" mode the N900 further restricts the current it draws, which additionally slows down recharging.

Using the following two simple tips you can considerably speed it up and make it almost as fast as with the main charger:

  • when you connect the N900 to your desktop or laptop and the "Charging mode" request appears, don't dismiss it as it automatically selects the "Charging only" mode. Instead, choose the "Mass storage" mode. In this mode the N900 draws higher current which results in faster charging if you don't do any file transfer between the computer and N900 at the same time
  • check in your computer's Device manager if the N900 is the only device connected to that port. Sometimes it happens that some INTERNAL components use one of the USB ports and you don't even know about it. Each USB port can deliver 500 mAh max, so if there is more than one device connected to it, the current is SPLIT between them and the N900 may only get half of it. In Windows' Device Manager you can check not only which devices are connected to each of USB ports but also how much current each device gets. For fast charging it is recommended that the N900 is the only device connected to that port and that it gets the whole 500 mAh.

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