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This newly launched website is a sister site of, the oldest Symbian OS community site in the Internet, launched in 1999. Over the first 5 years of its existence, until around 2005, My-Symbian was the most popular existing Symbian OS website. Even now, after more than 10 years of its existence, My-Symbian is extremely popular, with up to 50.000 visits a day and almost 130.000 registered Discussion forum users.

Our goal is to make the new site equally popular. We're only at the beginning of this process and there is still a lot to do but our experience resulting from running the My-Symbian site over the last 10 years will surely be helpful.

As the website has just been launched, we do not yet have any long-term statistics to share with you. Thus, at this time we present My-Symbian stats to give you an idea of how popular the "My-xxxxxx" family of websites is. The following table shows general server statistics for the last 12 months. This table shows the constantly increasing popularity of Almost 2 terabytes of traffic (WWW server only, excluding downloads and the software shop - more than 3,5 TB in total) served during the last 12 months speak for themselves, and so does the increasing number of visitors, which has almost doubled during the last year. Click on the picture to display full size image.

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